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life group outline

When The Spirit Moves (3)


“Be Filled With The Spirit”


Group Members Reading: Galatians 5:25-26; 1 Corinthians 3:16; Mark 4:19; Romans 6:11-13; John 14:15-19; Acts 5:32; Romans 8:13-14; John 7:38-39.


Ephesians 5:18-19, “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit...”



Conviction is the Holy Spirit’s way of speaking to us. If we justify ourselves or look to the world for justification, then we are overriding the Spirit’s warning! If we continue and disobey the Spirit, we grieve the Spirit and damage our ability to hear His voice in our lives! It’s like when a car’s engine warning light is ignored, eventually the engine is damaged!


Adam’s sin left us with two main issues: Both are enemies of the Spirit!

(1) Dominion of the ______!

(2) Dominion of ____!


If either of these (or both) are in control then you will be grieving the Holy Spirit and restricting His ability to help you! He will not infringe on your decisions, however, He will be like an engine light that warns!



Herein lies the problem with Christians today!

Today, most Christians think of the Spirit as a mental concept or a fleeting emotional boost of happiness or love! There is a lacking of a separation from the world, in an effort to be ________! No wonder the mighty power of God is not known nor felt in the church today as penitence and spiritual fulfillment isn’t known!


The Biblical Holy Spirit is one of a filling of the soul with deep reverence (relationship with the Father), quiet rest and peace, heavenly joy, and strength, power over the enemy and is a permanent and natural part of  walking in the Spirit!


The Holy Spirit desires to help us conquer sin, develop a deeper spiritual devotion, a life of self-sacrifice, a guiding in His perfect will and work!


Galatians 5:25-26


“To Be Filled” THERE MUST FIRST BE A _______________!


(1) The Vessel Must Be ____, _____ and _____ __ ________!

The Holy Spirit must be allowed to take mastery over your entire being - Body, Soul and Spirit! (1 Cor 3:16)


Empty Of All Cares!

What are the cares of world?

_______________ that take your focus! (Mark 4:19)

List some distraction you see in life!

Like the glasses illustration, we must remove anything that distracts us from God, they must be emptied out and removed, so the Holy Spirit will have room to fill us with the power we need to be overcomers!


Clean Of All Sin!

What does sin do to our vessel!

________________ your vessel! (Rom 6:11-13)

We can remove the distraction, but if the glass remains contaminated by sin the Holy Spirit will NOT come and dwell there! It must be cleansed with the blood of Jesus and remain clean by the daily washing of the Word, prayer and reliance upon the Holy Spirit!

How do we keep our vessel decontaminated?

Like the clean glass in the illustration, we must clean and keep clean our vessel for the Holy Spirit to come and dwell!


Ready To Receive!

How do we ready ourselves for the Holy Spirit?

_______to be receive and live in the Spirit! (John 14:15-19)

Death to self and the world, are prerequisites for being filled with God’s Spirit! (Acts 5:32)

He works to reveal the power and life of God as He renews our nature! This only comes when we yield ourselves to the fellowship of the cross and the dieing to self and sin - only through the Holy Spirit can we take possession of the new heavenly life!


There must a complete unhesitating surrender to the total control of the Holy Spirit! (Rom 8:13-14)


Andrew Murray - “The reason that believers are feeble and ignorant of the blessings of the Spirit is that they never made a decision to yield themselves to the control of the Spirit at every moment.”



(2) Have ______ That The Spirit Is Ready To Fill The Vessel!

Jesus tells of one condition for being filled with the Holy Spirit to overflowing - simple faith in Him! (John 7:38-39)

Faith believes with the whole heart and yields itself up completely as it trust unreservedly in the power of God to take possession!

On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out, Rivers of living waters flow out of heaven into the church and out to the world, convincing the world that God was in their midst!

God desire to flow out of the Believer today to bring life to this world!


Food For Thought:

Make the decision to compile a list of the distractions in your life!

(1) Find a Bible verse to meet that need.

(2) Take it to the Lord in prayer - every day.

(3) Use the Holy Spirit living inside you to fight off the temptation to succumb to that pressure again.

Make the decision to allow the Holy Spirit to give you strength to quit the sins that so easily beset you!

Make the decision that you want to walk in the Spirit not by the dominion of the world or self!








































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